"A wonderful relief from the pressures of a stressful environment." (Amanda)

"Essential maintenance for the soul." (Rupert)

"Wellbeing is so important for physical, mental and emotional health. Such a positive and beneficial opportunity." (Kathryn)

"30 minutes of serenity" (Maria)                          "30 minutes of blissfulness" (Sigita)

"Ready for the other half of my day, with a better mindset." (Marina)

"Best night's sleep ever!" (Divya)

"I feel I can cope better with the the pressures of the rest of the day" (Dave)

"Highly recommend to anyone - Its all about the heated sticks!" (Richard) 

"Ready to positively focus back at work." (Martina)

"Not only my physical but also my mental health improve every time I come." (Elena)

"Back to my desk feeling energised after." (Anon) 

"One of the happiest moments ever is to find the courage to let go of what you can't change." Unknown